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Rental Agreement and Clean-up


Maximum Capacity – 200 People

This is a NON SMOKING Building

  • Cancellation within 90 days of the confirmed booking will result in a $425 charge.
  • The security/damage and key deposit refund will be mailed within 30 days after the hall inspection and return of the key. Funds will be deducted for unsatisfactory clean up, damage or loss of key.
  • All renters must purchase liability insurance. The minimum amount is one million dollars ($1,000,000) and the North Shuswap Community Association must be named as co-insured.
  • All events serving liquor require a Special Event Permit. Visit the Special Event Permit online website at or contact the Special Event Permit Helpdesk at 1-855-999-7656.Camping is not available on hall or Pioneer Park property.                               

    By checking these boxes I agree to following parameters of the Rental Agreement:

    Policies as outlined above in the red box:

    Clean Up Instructions as outlined below:


    Our janitor will clean the toilets and wash the floors.  All items listed below are the responsibility of the renter.   Please check the list to make sure all is completed before you leave.

    Hall Entrance
    • Sweep floor
    • Remove garbage *

    Kitchen & Bar Area

    • Wash and put away all dishes
    • Wipe wall tiles and cupboard fronts
    • Clean out the Hobart dishwasher (see the posted instructions on the front of the dishwasher)
    • Sweep floor
    • Clean counters, sinks, stoves, ovens, and microwave oven
    • Clean out the coffee pots
    • Wash and soak alcohol dispensers
    • Remove garbage *
    • Remove any belongings from the coolers and deep freeze, and wipe clean
    • Turn off kitchen A/C
    • Unplug coolers and open cooler doors
    • Leave wet cleaning cloths in bar area sink

    Main Hall

    • Wash tables and chairs
    • Replace tables as you found them
    • Stack chairs on dollies provided, back-to-back and 6 chairs high
    • Sweep floor
    • Remove garbage *
    • Turn off the A/C, fans, or turn the heat down (see instructions posted next to the 2 thermostats)


    • Replace the tables and chairs how you found them
    • Wash and put away all dishes
    • Sweep floor
    • Clean counters, sink, stove, oven, and microwave oven
    • Remove garbage *
    • Remove any belongings from the fridge, and wipe clean
    • Turn the heat down to 14oC

    When Leaving

    • Turn the lights, fans, and A/C off
    • Close and lock all windows
    • Lock exit doors at back and front of the hall
    • Activate alarm system
        * The outdoor garbage bin key is in the janitor’s room at the front entrance
    There will be an automatic $25.00 charge plus an hourly cost if janitorial service is required for any clean up not completed.
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